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How To
Your Money

After Divorce

Divorce can be scary. When all the dust has settled, women are usually left with fewer assets without clear guidance on what to do next.

We’ll offer some suggestions on how to protect your money after divorce on this 60 minute webinar with special guest Lenny Van Riper!

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Chris Hudspeth

Webinar Host

What You Will Learn On This Webclass:

Secret #1

How To Protect Your Money from Loss Due to Stock Market Drops
Losing money due to stock market drops is NEVER fun. We’ll show you what to do to avoid it.

Secret #2

How To Pay Off Your House in 7 Years WITHOUT Increasing Your Spending
Many Mothers LOVE the idea of living with their children in a paid off house. We’ll show you how to do it in as little as 7 years!

Secret #3

How To Preserve Your Money To Leave To Your Children
Leaving behind a legacy is very important to many Mothers. We’ll share some strategies on how to do it with ease.
New Webclass

"How to Protect Your Money
After Divorce "

You’ll Learn the

“7 Financial Rules After Divorce”

that Women JUST LIKE YOU are using to protect their money and kids’ legacy.

Finally, you’ll know your options about how to protect
your money for you and the kids after divorce…